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DelMoNews May. 2015: The Fear of Open Water Swimming

Why You Fear Open Water Swimming. “Good things happen when we start before we’re ready.” Steven Pressfield Not many do you know that I was a schoolteacher before I was […]

DelMoNews April 2015: Choosing the Best Triathlons

In 1984, one of the greatest music videos of all time was born: I Wanna Rock, by Twisted Sister. Aside from the incredible guitar, drums, and man make-up, the video was […]

DelMoNews March 2015: The Year of Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming No other discipline receives less credit, gets less airtime, less articles, or less video than the open water swim. Now, there is a reason for this. The […]

YO! New Jersey Triathlons are the Best

New Jersey Triathlons vs. the World NJ wins by TKO in the third round Last week I made my annual trip to Southern California to attend the Triathlon Business International […]

DelMoNews February 2015: Setting Goals

Greetings. How’s that New Year’s resolution coming along? Yup, me too. Personally, I think the New Year should begin AFTER the Super Bowl, right? Well, we want to give you […]

Top 10 Guidelines For Triathletes…who aspire to be race directors

Race Directors To Be…Knuckle up. In the last post, I started with a quote that explained how it all started here at DelMoSports. “What was this like on day one?”  “How […]

This New Jersey Triathlon Goes Long…er

Tri the Wildwoods Adds International Distance Race “I had no experience, no permit, no sense of safety, no supplies, no back up plan, and didn’t know what it meant ” […]

A New Jersey Triathlon Like No Other

It’s amazing how cartoons can  affect you…and they’re not even real, or..are they? This summer marks the 5th Anniversary Atlantic City Triathlon. Yup, it’s been five years since our disastrous […]

DelMoNews January 2015: Let’s Have a Great Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks to you, the athlete, 2014 was an amazing year for DelMoSports and the entire South Jersey Triathlon community. In June, we witnessed The Escape the Cape […]

Free Triathlons and the Best Gift Ever

How many times has this happened to you? You’ve fretting endlessly about what to get that special someone or family member only to have them disappointed because they thought your […]