Michele Barranger DelMo races & Steve Del Monte best ever. You really feel like you are getting twice as much as you paid for. Hope they are always this amazing.

Imnot Gagz DelMo is all class. #realrap

Jeffrey Johnson Thank you! My first Tri and certainly not my last.

Teddie Badea Slider Thank you for another awesome race.and a great after party!!!!

Madeleine Morris By far most well put together event EVER!!!! Being a first time participant, you went above and beyond to let us just worry about the race. I told EVERYONE how amazing the whole experience was. Expecting hopefully a lot more locals to participate next year. :-))))))) a huge thank you!!!! More than you know!!!!!


I had a great time doing this event. It was my first time, but I look forward to returning annually. I especially appreciated all of the support staff – the lifeguards (very supportive in the water), the directional folks, and the water providers. All had a great sense of humor and were supportive throughout the event.

Nice job!

Greg O’Shea (bib #315)

This was the best Wildwood Triathlon yet. You did a great job.

Merrick Wetzler

Stephen – I competed Saturday in the Wildwood tri. Great race.

Dave McClave


You put on great races. I’d come even if you didn’t just to support you in the small way I can! But I’m sincere in my feedback. You are separating yourself from your peers in race promotion with your attention to detail. That is what matters. Any race that has the infrastructure to support both professional athletes and first timers is doing it right. Your race is unique and has taken a step forward each year I’ve participated. As you expand even further, I encourage you to stay true to your original philosophy and spirit as much as possible. When I look at other successful races that have grown and developed from something small, this underlying theme is consistent. Though they may have grown to be elaborate races, they retain their “grassroots” and community feel. This is why I like your race so much. It feels part of the town of Wildwood, and community support is apparent. Or…it feels as though the race is “for the community,” as opposed to being “for the race directors,” which is often the case in lesser races.

I think St Anthony’s is a close example to your race. It is interwoven into the community, and is unique because of that nuance. The experience is more than the race itself. Many other races exist outside of the community, in venues that are removed from the community, without much involvement from the community. These races feel shallow and empty, and as racer, I’m left with an experience that is wholly defined by just the event and my performance. At St Anthony’s, I have had poor results but always come away having had a really enjoyable experience. Through your race, I have come to realize that Wildwood has a very strong and established community, and by participating in the race, I feel as though I’ve become a small part of it. That is HUGE! It’s like Ironman. You do one, and you’re part of the “club.” I sense that this is what is happening with your race, and it will extend to AC. DelmoSports races are a unique experience.

Holden Comeau, Professional Triathlete and Coach

Great job with your Wildwood Tri and I look forward to being a part of it for years to come.

Olympic Silver Medalist and Founder of Walton Endurance, Brian Walton


Great job on the Tri this weekend, I don’t think it could have went any smoother or could have had any better weather. I am looking forward to next year all ready.

Thank you, Greg Black


thanks for putting on a great race!

we lucked out with a perfect day and you provided an awesome brunch, great winner prizes and race experience. Congrats.

Steve Herishen

Hi Stephen,

My name is Michele Niermann. I had so much fun at the race!! Thank-you for setting up a great race & look forward to next year!

Best wishes! Michele Niermann

Thanks for letting my daughter volunteer she manned the water station on 15th on teh beach. Another well run event, I enjoy them yearly, see you next year!!!! By the way, my wife is the one with the cow bells….

Dave Stanislawczyk


What an awesome race! You and your family deserve a huge congratulations on pulling off such a demanding event. This was my 6th Tri and although I’m not one of your elite competitors I still get caught up in the competition and push myself to do better. Thanks again and I’ll see you next year.

Steve McGrath

Dear Stephen,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the medals in the mail today. Thank you for sending them. Also thank you for the gift certificates, I’m sure that I will you them very soon. I really enjoyed participating in your race. It was a great experience and lots of fun to run on the beach. Thanks Again!

Sincerely, Mikayla Sonneborn

Okay, so let me get my list of complaints out of the way first:

Sky too blue Ocean too calm Tide too low Not enough wind Not enough soft sand Donuts too delicious

I thought I’d get this list to you early so you could get a jump on it for next year’s race. 🙂

Seriously, what a great day! Congrats on a job well done. And thank you for finding me in the crowd for the Cadence treat. I should tell you, however, that I wound up giving it away to someone else. The woman who won the aero helmet told me that the helmet was going into a raffle basket to raise money for breast cancer. I gave my Cadence gift to them for the basket. Definitely a better use of it! I wanted you to know that your generosity towards me will in turn benefit many others.

Enjoy the rest of your summer with your beautiful family!

Laura P.