Swim & Run Course Map (Sprint Triathlon)

Escape the Cape Triathlon
Swim & Run Course Map (Sprint Triathlon)
Turn by turn directions:
  1. Exit Transition and follow signs to Beach Drive (via the Back Exit Gate).
  2. On Beach Drive, Turn RIGHT to run NORTH on Beach Drive.
  3. Turn LEFT at Lincoln Blvd. (beach access ramp) ONTO THE BEACH **NEW in 2017**
  4. Turn RIGHT at the bottom of the dune (run one long block) to Rose Hill Pwky dune, run up the dune.
  5. Turn LEFT onto Beach Dr. heading North
  6. Curse DelMo.
  7. WATER STOP offered at Town Bank Rd.
  8. Turn LEFT at Racetrack Dr. run down the dune
  9. Turn LEFT on the beach (run one block) and Turn LEFT to run back up the dune at Adelphia Rd.
  10. Curse DelMo for a second time.
  11. Turn RIGHT upon hitting the street (Beach Drive)
  12. Turn RIGHT at the Rose Hill Pkwy dune, turn LEFT onto the beach (run one long block) to Lincoln Blvd. **NEW in 2017** (go back the way you came)
  13. Turn RIGHT onto Beach Drive heading South.
  14. Run PAST the Ferry Terminal Access Gate to the Swim In/Run In Signs.
  15. Turn LEFT onto Ferry Lawn.
  16. On Ferry Lawn, Turn RIGHT and head to the FINISH.
  17. Take a swing at DelMo if you see him. (DON’T MISS!)