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Ferry Jumping at Escape the Cape | Jersey Shore Triathlon

Escape the Cape Triathlon

You’re here. You’re interested. You’re thinking about jumping off the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. You’re doing one of two things: searching for a reason to register or searching for a reason NOT to register. We’re here to help.

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

Do I want a UNIQUE experience? Do I want a SLAMMIN’ finisher medal? Do I want a SICK competitor shirt? Do I want FREE race pics? Do I want to FEAST on an unreal breakfast buffet after the event? Lastly, do I want to ESCAPE the Cape or stay confined?

If you answer yes to any of the these questions, then…giddy up buttercup. Registration is open for the Escape The Cape.

June 8, 2014: Time To Break Free