Escape the Cape Triathlon

1 Boat, 1,750 Athletes, Unlimited Smack Talk

When: June 12, 2016
Where: Cape May, New Jersey


Escape the Cape:

A New Jersey Triathlon Voted #1!


The Escape the Cape Triathlon was voted the BEST TRIATHLON in the Mid-Atlantic & North East Regions. The Escape the Cape Triathlon offers Sprint and International distance triathlons.

  • “Top 5” best small race, “Top 5” Best Large Race, “Top 5” Bucket list race AND “Top 5” Most Scenic Race  in the USA by Triathlon Business International. Additionally, the DelMoSports Championship Series was selected a “Top 5” triathlon series in the USA by voters.
  • In 2014, the Escape the Cape has been voted BEST OF COMPETITOR 2014 by athletes as Best Triathlon, Best Swag, & Best T-Shirt!


What are athletes saying about the Escape the Cape Triathlon?

“I don’t think that I will do any other events.  You really have it down to a science of how to run an event.   I am really impressed with how you make the event so personal for everyone, and you make it your duty to see that everyone has a great time and an unforgettable experience.” Michael Matteo

“It’s easy to see DelMoSports as the dominate shore tri series out there for so many amateurs getting into the sport.  For all the newcomers to the ridiculously fast in this growing sport the past 5 years you really make them feel like rock stars, and that seems to be your goal.”  Tim Pappas

“I gotta tell you, every time I wear my escape the cape shirt (which is as often as I can!) someone in the community comes up to me and says “did you do that?! did you jump off the ferry?!” Tac Crowley, MD


What is the media saying about the Escape the Cape Triathlon?

new jersey triathlon

Escape the Cape: A World Class New Jersey Triathlon

There are only a few races where you get to jump off a boat to start your triathlon day. Among them are the legendary Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon and the Norseman in Norway. This past weekend 1208 athletes jumped from near Cape May, NJ to challenge themselves in the Escape the Cape Triathlon and we surely noticed. ” Slowtwitch.com