Is the race USMS and or WOWSA sanctioned?

Yes.  We are proud to have dual sanction and athletes must race according to USMS & WOWSA rules. We will also remind you of these rules in the athlete guide.

What if the event is cancelled due to weather?

DelMoSports reserves the right to cancel the Events for any reason. Additionally, in the instance that the Events have commenced, DelMoSports may cancel the remainder of such Events if, in the opinion of any employee or agent of the Company, there is sufficient reason to believe that the Participant may be in danger of injury or loss.  This paragraph includes, but is not limited to, any act of God or unforeseeable event, such as natural disasters, riots, acts of governing authorities, or otherwise.

Where can I park for the event?

There is NO parking on the Ferry grounds for this specific event. We have hired a Shuttle Bus company to take you to the Ferry before your race and back to your car after you race. This rule applies to Friends & Family (Spectators) as well.

Parking: Cape Henlopen High School, 1250 Kings Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958 (about 2.4 miles away)

** Please make a plan and be prepared.

Do I need to show photo ID at registration?
Yes, you must present your photo ID and a valid USMS Annual Membership Card upon check -in.  

What will the water temperature be like and will the race be wetsuit legal?

The Delaware Bay in late September is usually around the low 70’s. Yes, we are proud to have wetsuit and non-wetsuit categories. Please, we recommend you swimming in what you train in, do not change anything the day of the race.

Will someone jump on top of me?  

No! Although you will be jumping in with 5-10 people at a time, there is no danger of someone else jumping on you. We will wait for you to hit the water, collect yourself, and start swimmer before sending more swimmers into the water.

Do you HAVE to jump off the boat?

NO. If you are not ‘feeling it’ that day, you DO NOT HAVE TO JUMP. We are happy to take you back to the dock but you will not be able to swim and will have to DNF.

Will there be a place to put my gear?

Yes, of course. We will have a designated area on-site near the finish. We will also have staff members guarding your belongings.

Where can I find the Course Maps?


Where and when is packet pick-up?

Packet pick up is Saturday, September 30th from 9am-10:30am at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal, Cape Henlopen, DE.

What time does the boat load?  

We will start loading the boat promptly at 10:45am. CLICK HERE for schedule of events.


Are there cut off times for this race?

Yes, we will be a 2.5 hour cut off time for the 3 Mile Swim and a 1 hour cut off time for the 1 Mile Swim.

When will the athlete guide be posted?


Is there a discounted “foot passenger” rate for this event traveling to and from Cape May?

Yes, please CLICK HERE for that information.

Where is the best place for my family to watch the race?

There are no bad places to watch!  The Ferry terminal is where all the action happens!  This will give spectators the most opportunities to see their athlete race.

I can’t race this year but I want to be involved, how can I help?

Volunteer!  We are always looking for helpful volunteers at all of our events.  Contact Lisa, volunteer@delmosports.com or visit Active Escape to Lewes Volunteer Page to sign up!