Results/Awards will follow USAT guidelines and age-groups. The USAT age groups are as follows:

18-19,20-24,25-29,30-34,35-39,40-44,45-49,50-54,55-59,60-64,65-69,70-74,75-79,80-84,85 and up

Awards that go THREE deep: Athena (women over 160lbs) and Clydesdale (men over 220lbs.), Masters, Grand Masters, and Relays.

Finally, we have awards that are ONE deep for Fastest Swim, Fastest Bike, Fastest Run, Fastest Hero (First Responders/Military) and Fastest Local.

September 18, 2011: Results

September 15, 2012: Results

September 15, 2013: Results

September 14, 2014: Results

* DelMoSports LLC. will hold all medals/awards for ONLY one month after the race. If you couldn’t attend the ceremony and or didn’t realize you did in fact win an award please contact [email protected]

(please be aware there is a $10 shipping/handling fee)