Michele Barranger I wish there were 6 stars. There is no other race program like this ANYWHERE! DelMo races & Steve Del Monte best ever. You really feel like you are getting twice as much as you paid for. Hope they are always this amazing.

Annie I couldn’t have picked a more perfect Triathlon for my first one. Everything about this race was awesome, from the course to the race director to the amazing volunteers. Can’t wait for next year…I will be doing all three DelMo Triathlons in 2015 (hopefully)!!

Elizabeth Ortiz Amazing event! Super family friendly and well planned.

Sean D Lee

Had a great time .
Awesome job Delmo Sports !!!
The volunteers rocked at the finish line !

Lillian Bentley Doesn’t get any better (or more fun) than this race!

Michael Mader Phenomenal event!

Keiva Jennings I had an amazing time! Thank you!!!

Dani MacKenzie nothing but great things to say about the race today! steve, your commical relief is exactly what i needed before and after my first tri!

Toby Broom Great event!

Sherri Leonard Great race!!! Loved the Boardwalk run. Thank you for putting on such a fun event! Didn’t get my results at the race, looking forward to the update to the website to see how much the wind helped my bike pace coming back!!

Raphael Ison Stephen, Great race!!!! Your team did a fabulous job putting on a first class race! Semper Fi

Martta Rose Kelly I had fun! My first tri.

Luis Aguirre-Amaya Great event! Thanks.

Craig Kwiecinski My friends and I did our first Tri today…. What a great event!!! Can’t wait till next year! Thanks so much!

Traci Bopp Glad I made the trip down from northern jersey. Great race, great day, looking forward to next year! (you don’t have to order the wind for next year, though, lol!)

Joelle Genovese-Bridgers Thanks Steve! Great Job! We really enjoyed it!

Heather Cox It was a great experience. Thanks for all your hard work!!

Allen Morganti Thanks for the great race.

Anne Curran Blackburn Such a great event! My first international distance and I was so excited. Got a flat on the bike but still felt fantastic! Thank you for all you did!!!

Susan Reynolds Antczak Steve-you rock ! Your events are incredibly well run and so great. Keep up the good work.

Josephine Maneri Halliday Thank you so much for such a great triathlon! All the volunteers and AC Police Dept for help and support! Great race! Looking forward to next year.

Robert P. Hesketh Thanks for a great event!

Steven Tullio Great event / see everyone next year

Patti R Sloan Thanks for a great event! I have to say I really enjoyed this event and am looking forward to improving my time (need better training) next year.

Lillian Hussøng The ACPD Officers were awesome, no doubt!

Diane La Bar Taylor Such a great event, the staff and volunteers were amazing (especially the Beacon boys)! Met some awesome athletes, hope to see you all next year!

Sheryl Gandara Bogardus Thanks for a fabulous first tri experience!!!!!

Jennifer Graeff Awesome event, as always! Loved the boardwalk run – I was completely out of gas after the mile swim and 20 bike, but as soon as I hit the boards I got my second (Third? Fourth?) wind and kept going for it!

I need to offer a MASSIVE thank you to all the volunteers and staff – there’s not a chance I’d have finished without their support! Keep up the great work!

Billy Baskinger This was my first tri, but I could not imagine an event like this going any better. Great job to everyone involved!

Sandy Bedard Cannon It was awesome ,, and put together very well thank

Scott Millard Great Event. Thank You!!

Russell Gasperini Awesome dude you are the man.

Allen Cayanan Fun race. Great weather. Awesome prizes and award ceremony.

Bill Seedes Awesome Steve–ditto of what everyone else has said…great course, great volunteers, & great RD!

John P. Argueta Thanks Steve. It was my first Tri and while I don’t have anything to compare it to, I think it was pretty awesome. I’m glad I didn’t have to get paddled back to shore, jaja. The ride was awesome and the run was very cool! The breakfast after was great and to top it off we scored Kiss and Motley Crue tixx!! You rock bro. I’ll definitely join your events in the future and tell everyone I can that DelMoSports, LLC rocks the hut!

Rob Kulessa Steve, even BETTER than last year. All I can say is WOW!!! What a race!!!! I tip my cap to you. I was wondering how the loss of the ocean swim and Boardwalk Hall was going to effect the coolness factor and BAM!!! It got even cooler, the swim was stupid fast!!! Transition while a bit long on the bike was still very well laid out. See ya next year!!! Well done!!!

Penny Rodrick-Williams Thank you SO much! What a great and fun race. It was my first tri and I had a great time. Hope to be back next year!

Frank Scott Had an amazing time! Thanks for putting together a great race, and thanks to all of the volunteers for their help as well!

Barry Donaldson Great event. I was really impressed with the number of volunteers and their support. The bay swim was very nice, biking down the expressway a unique experience and the run on the boardwalk entertaining. Oh yes, the breakfast was also good and I liked the computer registery for results. Good job.

Vince Brando This was an awesome event and I am glad that this experience came on the participation of my first tri. I have telling friends and family about your event and hope to have them with me next year.

Cat Portock We had a blast! My first time and it was really a great race. Thanks!! Also I found race results at onlineraceresults.com. Congrats to everyone! Will def be there next year!

Sarah Smrcina Amazing race! Did my first tri in wildwood this summer and for my second did the international distance yesterday. Loved the bay swim, and so very cool biking along the AC expressway! Can’t wait to do it again next year! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this event.

Tim Lui Great job – great race!


Many thanks indeed Stephen. I’ve done about 120 triathlons, this was the first one where the sign up form asked me my favorite song!

Best regards

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for a great race! I’ve done about 20 races of every length and your support was as good of any of them. Like Nations Tri (where I volunteered) the swim was cancelled. They had the advantage of knowing two days in advance. You guys had to pull your off on the fly.

Other than Ironman, I haven’t seen that level of volunteer support. And the ACBP has a well deserved reputation. My wife is a chronic worrier when it comes to swims. But after seeing those folks in actions, she has no worries!

We stayed at Bally’s right next to the finish line, our favorite AC destination. We took full advantage of the shopping (my wife got a new Coach bag), poker at Bally’s (me), and great dining (Phillips, Chart House, …)

Below is my post on the DC Tri Club web site. Most of those folks race at Nations Tri. But we are a large club and hopefully you will see a few more of us next year!


It was a great day. conditions were tough, but that made it even more fun. Thanks for all of the logistics it took to get it done.

Thanks again. See you next year!


Your are the man, Steve.  Thanks again and we will see you next year.


I just wanted to thank you for hosting the AC Triathlon. We cannot control weather, so although disappointing we could not swim, I felt you certainly made the correct decision. Your organization runs a first class event and I hope you consider giving the Atlantic City destination another chance. My friends have done the NJ State and Rutgers Half(weather affected that as well) and realize that your decision may not have been popular with all, but it was correct. Look forward to next season.

Glenn Lederman

The volunteers were wonderful!  They had a genuine nature and made the athletes feel welcome…great job on their part!

Your enthusiasm for the event shined through…I will come back next year simply because I believe that you will fix the problems from this inaugural year.

The finisher medals are sharp–everybody who saw them liked them!

Thanks for listening & thanks for your hard work.

John T. Lee, Jr.

Thank you for a great race!

Emilio Pane

Steve, thanks for a great race. I was disappointed about the swim because I am a very strong swimmer and would have made it. But it was not worth the safety of everyone else. It was clearly the right call and those that did make it will have some fabulous war stories!

I hope you guys have the race next year as riding on the expressway was a thrill. I also loved that there were restrooms on the run that weren’t shady portapotties and when the water stops had run out, there still were water fountains. That’s the beauty of running on the boardwalk!

I’ve been doing triathlons for about six years and I always bring up the end of the pack. I planned for it. Thanks for keeping the finish line open for me and for Jean keeping me company. She was a blast and kept me going when my undertrained legs wanted to quit.

I rarely ever contact race directors about the event, but wanted to send along my thanks for such a well-planned event.

Sarah Watson

…And thank you for a great race!   It was the right call to cancel the swim.  You made quick decisions that kept everyone excited and ready for the next step in the race.
We will see you for the 2nd annual Atlantic city triathlon and will bring friends too!

Scott and Megan Reedell


First of all – you are an animal!!  You handled an incredibly difficult day like a rock star.  Anyone that says different has their head so far up their ass…well I don’t know what happens when your head is that far up your ass, but suffice to say their opinion is not worth it.  It is indeed a race with mother nature calling the shots – all bets are off when mother nature speaks.

I really hope this race grows legs and I agree that AC is a fabulous venue. Big fan of your races, hopeful for an AC race next year.

Again, Big Congrats and hope you can take a week off and lose yourself in a great bottle of tequila!!

Ryan McBarrett

Thanks for a great effort on Sunday, you guys did a great job considering the conditions.

Ed Kraemer


I think you did a great job with the race despite of the tough conditions. I know I hate when swims are cancelled but this time you certainly MADE the right decision, no doubt on that one. The race was handle very efficiently after that and I can only hope you will be able to have it for many years to come.

Leo Suniaga

You put on a great event and the biking along the expressway and running along the boardwalk were great experiences.

I hope to make a trip of it again next year if my schedule allows for it!


I had a great time at the event and would definitely do it again!

Aron J. Sotnikoff


Good morning.

I want to drop you a line to saying, thanks for a great event last Sunday at the inaugural AC Tri.  I know the weather/conditions were not cooperating for the swim.  I personal thought swim was great (I have been doing ocean swims for 20 yrs and was OCBP for 10 years).  Bike course was amazing and the run on the boardwalk was fantastic.

Congratulations to you and your crew, I cannot wait till next year.

Brian Santangelo

Great job! With any first event there are rough edges that need to be smoothed but overall I enjoyed the event very much and will participate again.

John Kusturiss Jr.

First let me say that being from Atlantic City and racing in events in the area, I was impressed on how the event went. We as a city have a reputation of being unorganized in the past, and between last years Marathon and this event I feel that there is a re-newed faith in the events held here. There were a few kinks that I don’t feel need to be stressed, and feel that as minor as they were they didn’t matter or they will be fixed by next year’s event. Thank you for bringing an event like this to Atlantic City, its been long overdue.

David Shapiro

I just wanted to take a second to thank you for a great race yesterday. I can’t imagine being you yesterday. You did an amazing job of keeping everything under control and I was very impressed by that.  I will do the race again no matter where it takes place!

Thanks for a great day (and a fabulous medal).

Megan Langan