From the Race Director: Show the Love

February is the month to



February is the shortest month of the year. It’s the one month specifically dedicated to the word LOVE. Some months are dedicated to freedom, some the changing of the seasons, but only February put a flag in the ground and said, “LOVE… that’s us!”

Many of us love triathlon and training for a triathlon… I know I do. We love buying the gear for triathlons. We love posting pictures of ourselves wearing the gear and training for triathlons. We’re constantly showing the love… for better or worse. In fact, we all know people that are totally and hopelessly in love… with themselves. But love is meant to be shared, not hoarded. You need to ask yourself two questions:

#1: Am I fitting triathlon training/racing into my life?
#2: Am I fitting life into my triathlon training/racing?

I’m going to cut to the end. You should be a #1. If you’re a #1, that means you know your families schedule before you know your training schedule. That means you’re showing family the love first. Do you find yourself saying, “Sorry Johnny, Daddy can’t make it, I’ve got a group training ride…” you’re doing it wrong. That is a classic example of ‘trying’ to fit life into training and not fitting training into life. Although you may think it’s ok now, it will have dire consequences in the weeks, months, years from now.

If you’re missing important family functions (regularly) because you have to swim with the master’s team… you’re wrong. You need to start swimming at a different time (possibly by yourself) so you can also SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY or loved ones.

Personally, I’ve got my family time scheduled out well in advance of any training or racing calendars. It wasn’t always this way, I had to find out the hard way. You don’t have to hire a coach to be a better family member, you just have to (want to) make the time.

As most of you have realized in the past few months, these messages rarely have anything to do with promoting the events we produce but everything to do with fostering a better belief system to help mold a better athlete, family member, or co-worker. Sometimes we hit… sometimes we miss… but we will NEVER stop trying.

If you’ve made it this far, kudos to you. Here’s your reward: during the month of February (starting Feb. 3) DelMoSports is offering No Processing Fee Friday’s when registering for the Escape the Cape Triathlon, Atlantic City Triathlon, Tri the Wildwoods Triathlon & 5k, and the Escape to Lewes Open Water Classic. What’s that mean? It means you’re going to save money when registering… every Friday this month.

(That’s a savings anywhere between $4 – $27)

No Fee Friday

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