Meet DelMo Athlete Bill McArthur

Each month, we sit down with a DelMoSports athlete and ask them five questions. 

Meet Bill McArthur, the man, the myth and the legend. Prepare to be moved!

Bill McArthur

Bill McArthur

1. What are your race goals this season?

My biggest race goal is to be a less slow swimmer. I made a good step by improving my swim in the TriKW Sprint from 19 percentile in 2013 to 32 percentile in 2016. I would love to achieve 50 percentile on the swim in a sprint triathlon or 25 percentile in the swim in an olympic length triathlon.

2. Best racing advice?

My advice is to keep on going. Lots of triathletes tell me they would love to do what I do when they’re as old as I am. My answer is: never stop. Slowing is inevitable, but stopping doesn’t have to be, if one can keep healthy.

3. Favorite pre-race meal?

I try to eat pasta the night before an event. The morning of, I eat two bagels with jam, two cups of coffee, a bottle of Heed, and 5 Endurolytes.

4. Do you pee on the bike?

I’ve never peed on the bike in 10 duathlons and 17 triathlons. I’ve also never peed during the run. I almost never pee on the swim.

5. Tell us something we should know about you.

Here’s 3 things to know about me:
A. I never did a training run or race over 10 miles until I was 69.
B. I never did a duathlon or triathlon until I was 69
C. I’ve done 9 marathons (including 3 Goofy Challenges and 1 Dopey Challenge), 4 50K ultras, 10 duathlons (including 3 half distance), 17 triathlons (including a 70.3 IronMan).

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